Private Day Tours

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap.

                                                     ABOVE: Angkor Wat

- Cambodia in Comfort  -

Providing all your Transport Needs

Private Tours of the Temples and Provinces

of your choosing.

Just relax in the comfort of your air-conditioned car  or van  taking in all the beautiful scenery Cambodia has to offer

Along the way you can stop and meet the stall keepers and dine on traditional Khmer food or perhaps just do some souvenir shopping.

See the rice fields with the buffalo pulling the plough and the farmers planting their next crop.

The young children holding hands while walking to and from school as the older children ride their bikes in single file.

Fishermen casting their nets into the canals of the rice fields catching whatever they can to take home for dinner.

Needing a  comfort stop,  take some pictures or just to take in the beauty of the surrounding scenery then I can just pull over without any embarrassment or inconvenience to other passengers as one would experience if on other packaged tour guides. 

Tonle Om Gate, Angkor Wat.

ABOVE: One of the many sculptures that adore the beauty and intrigue of Angkor Watt. BELOW: Watch and enjoy the traditional Khmer Dancing and indulge in a wide selection of food at the buffet.

Khmer Tradition Dancing, Siem Reap.
Sheltered Workshop, Siem Reap.

ABOVE: The workshop where the disadvantaged youth are able to put their talents to good use for their community. They do wonderful carvings, sculptures, paintings and much, much more. You are most welcome and a guide will show you through the workshop. RIGHT: The statue of Buddha stands out for all to admire and offer their prayers. BELOW: Just one of many amazing Temples that are available for you to explore.

Buddha, Siem Reap.
Sambo Preykuk, Kampong Thom Province.


When staying in Siem Reap, Cambodia in Comfort can take you to many Attractions;

The Silk Farm - where you can see the process from the silk worm to the final cloth.

Pub Street and The Night Markets - enjoy a cool drink or shop at the numerous street stalls.

Restaurants - for Traditional Khmer Cuisine

Cabarets - such as Rosana Broadway for that special night out

and much, much more.

I can assist you in preparing an Itinerary that Suits You and also book your Hotel Arrangements when on Tour.

Tor Temple [Sambo Preykuk], Kampong Thom Province.

   Above : Tor Temple [Sambo Preykuk]

Above : Sambo Preykuk

Tonle Om Gate of Angkor Thom, Siem Reap Province.

Above : Tonle Om Gate of Angkor Thom.